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Full speaker lineup announced

Hello again from the Serverless Days London team!

We're delighted to reveal the remaining conference talks & speakers, (provisional) agenda and workshops. See below for all details!

There are now less than two weeks until the event. Tickets are selling faster than previous editions and we expect to sell out again. Don't leave it too late to buy a ticket if you want to come! Don't be that person who emailed us the night before the event in 2018 pleading for a ticket (yes this really happened...)

Speaker Pictures


Following on from the initial announcement about keynotes and speakers, here are details on the rest...

"Machine Learning on Mobile and Serverless" by Alexandra Abbas (Data Scientist at Datatonic)

Alexandra will show how she built a cross-platform, mobile-friendly, highly-performant Product Identification model, using technologies such as AI Platform, Cloud Composer and Cloud Dataflow, which eliminates the need for packaging and labels in a global Cosmetics Retail business.

"V8, Web Assembly, and Serverless-- a new way of thinking about edge computing" by Kas Perch (Developer 🥑 at Cloudflare)

Kas will chat about CloudFlare's approach to serverless: how using the V8 engine and running user functions in isolates decreases overhead and eliminates cold starts. Let's talk about how we leverage JS APIs and features like WebAssembly to allow you to run the code you need, where you need it.

"Serverless Journey of shop.LEGO.com" by Sheen Brisals (Senior Engineer and Coach at LEGO Group)

Connecting LEGO play experience with millions requires an innovative platform. This fueled the cloud migration of the legacy eCommerce application. This talk will walk you through the principles, the approach, the learnings and of course the serverless technologies that made the vision a reality.

"How AWS Builds Serverless Services Using Serverless" by Chris Munns (Principal Developer Advocate at Amazon Web Services)

This talk peels back the covers a bit to look at how AWS thinks about using serverless technology and patterns to build even more serverless technology. It explores how the Serverless team has used various AWS technologies to build a product that enables teams to build with serverless.

"Monitoring & Debugging Serverless" by Jennifer Davis (Cloud Developer Advocate at Microsoft)

In this talk, we examine the role of Operations, how it has evolved with the advent of new compute paradigms. We’ll examine two critical areas of operational readiness of monitoring and debugging. When the nature and complexity of computing changes, the need for specialized operations engineering skills increases.

"Discovering the microbiological world with Apache OpenWhisk and Rust" by Roberto Diaz (Software Developer)

Biological image analysis plays an important role due to its wide range of applications in biology, molecular biology, and neuroscience. Visualization and image analysis methods are critical to understanding various features of cell and biological parameters in an unprecedented and highly specific manner.

This talk explores the use of Apache OpenWhisk, Rust and other Serverless platforms to meet the requirements of biological image analysis.

"Serverless 'On Desk'" by Daniel Bass (Software Developer)

Hear about the real-world experience of building Serverless systems 'On Desk' in Investment Management. Learn how to use Serverless to massively increase your productivity and adaptability, integrate with legacy systems and deliver data at scale in a tightly regulated environment.


There is now an agenda available on the website: https://london.serverlessdays.io/agenda


Tickets are still available at https://london.serverlessdays.io/tickets/ and only £35 for a full-days talks on everything serverless and access to a free workshop. Tickets are selling faster than last year and we expect to be sold out again in 2019. Don't wait to get your ticket to the last minute and miss out...


Serverless Days London is running a scholarship program for under represented minorities in tech to attend for free, through diversitytickets.org which you can apply for here. Please share this with people who are eligible.

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