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Announcing Keynotes and Speakers

We're delighted to announce the keynotes & speakers at the 2019 edition of Serverless Days London. Keynote sessions for the conference come from Teri Radichel, Lin Clark, Till Schneidereit and Sarah Drasner.

Keynote speakers


In the morning, we've got two keynote sessions to open the day. Lin Clark & Till Schneidereit, from Mozilla, will be talking about the future of WebAssembly and WebAssembly System Interfaces (WASI), which gives us a glimpse of what could be in the future for Serverless computing as WebAssembly goes beyond the browser.

Teri Radichel, CEO 2nd Sight Lab, AWS Hero and Cloud Security expert, will be joining us to talk about security in Serverless environments, drawing on her years of experience, from being part of the team to move first production workloads to AWS at Capital One, building SaaS IoT platforms, to writing defining papers on Event Driven Automation.

Closing the conference will be Sarah Drasner and her talk on "Art of Code Comments". In a serverless world, everything is code, from the cloud infrastructure definitions, to the business logic implemented within the functions. Writing code that is understandable by those who come after is important for maintainability, and general sanity of your future self trying to figure out what you were thinking.

CFP Speakers

We had an overwhelming response to the conference CFP, with 136 proposals were received for just eight slots. This was nearly a 100% increase in submissions compared to 2018. Compiling the final list of accepted talks was incredibly difficult due to the high quality of all submissions. Thank you to everyone who took the time to submit - we wish we could have lots more talks!

The first selection of CFP speakers is now available on the website, these include….

"Combining serverless and AI to delight your Nan" by Sean Tracey (Developer Advocate @ IBM Cloud)

Sean Tracy will explain why he chose serverless technologies to power a digital picture frame he built for his mother, which used AI to filter my Instagram feed to only show her pictures of her grandchildren.

"Serverless testing, the required adaptation to our testing methodologies" by Avishai Shafir, VP Products at Lumigo.

Increasing development velocity and feature release pace is the No. 1 goal of software engineering teams. You cannot move fast when your software is failing. Serverless architecture offers new opportunities, but we need to modify our testing methods to enjoy them. Avishai Shafir will talk about this!

"Creating an Enterprise Level Call Centre using a serverless architecture" by Chris Gormley, Principal Software Engineer for Liberty IT

Chris will talk about how Liberty IT created a completely serverless AI backed call center using Amazon Lex & Amazon Connect. Currently taking 150,000 calls a month resulting in a magnitude of cost savings of 47% with zero downtime for over a year. All with a team of serverless newbies under tight deadlines.

Exciting huh?! More details on all the other talks will be published shortly…. Stay tuned!


Tickets are still available at https://london.serverlessdays.io/tickets/ and only £35 for a full-days talks on everything serverless and access to a free workshop. Tickets are selling faster than last year and we expect to be sold out again in 2019. Don't wait to get your ticket to the last minute and miss out...


Ticket holders will have access to a free workshop on the day before the conference. Details on the workshops will be announced shortly. It'll be limited entry, so first come first served.


ServerlessDays London is running a scholarship program for under represented minorities in tech to attend for free, through diversitytickets.org which you can apply for here. Please share this with people who are eligible.


If you run a company who wants to meet the serverless community in London, sponsorship packages are still available. The first list of sponsors have been agreed with AWS, IBM, Google Cloud and other all attending. There are a limited number of slots left, please contact us for details. See the prospectus for more details: https://london.serverlessdays.io/static/ServerlessDaysLondon_SponsorProspectus_20190321.pdf

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