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6 July 2018 St John's Hoxton, London, N1 6NP

Rob Allen


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Rob Allen is a software consultant and developer with many years experience and writes code in PHP, Swift and other interesting languages. He leads Slim Framework's development team and contributes to Apache OpenWhisk and other open source projects.

Rob is a published author and based in the UK where he runs Nineteen Feet Limited, focussing on API development, training and consultancy. In his spare time, Rob blogs at and can often be seen with a camera in his hand.

Talk: PHP & Serverless - A Match Made In Heaven?

PHP is arguably the most widely used language for writing web applications and is ideal for writing serverless apps. This session explores why PHP works so well in a serverless environment and how to write serverless PHP functions in Apache OpenWhisk.

We’ll explore how the common PHP architectural patterns apply directly to serverless, so the transition for PHP developers is easy and see that that PHP developers can easily make use of this exciting to technology to augment their applications. By the end of the talk, you’ll appreciate that PHP and serverless really do work well together.

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